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JUST ANNOUNCED! I will be playing a headline show at the MV Festival in Aviemore on Friday Feb 24th at the Winking Owl. http://see.sc/8qqyD2


I’ve lost my lyrics book. Crikey! I hope you folk don’t mind an album of instrumentals?

“Wealth” by Talk Talk. What a tune!

Or here: http://see.sc/lm7nBq

http://see.sc/onCmbGv Listen to my new track ‘Cap To Wear’ taken from my debut mini-album called Curtain Road. There’s a tour too!

New tour dates are filling up my email inbox. 2012 is going to be BIIIGGG! J

All trains and all hotels are book for February’s tour with @the1930s. It’s going to be fun. Very fun!